How can I suggest a service to airbnb-services.co?

We did our very best to list all Airbnb-related services in the cities we cover, but with new services being launched almost daily, it might be that a few are not (yet) listed here. If you run or found a service that you think should be included in the listing, submit it via the ‘submit’ button in the upper left corner.

My city is not listed – why?

Our initial focus is to cover cities with the largest amount of Airbnb hosts and the biggest range of Airbnb-related services. We will be adding new cities from time to time, so check back often!

Who is behind airbnb-services.co?

Airbnb-services.co is an initiative of the team behind GuestReady, a property management agency specializing in Airbnb rental management in London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong. As more and more tools are being launched to help Airbnb hosts become successful, we wanted to take the first step in creating a clear overview of the ‘Airbnb ecosystem’ that is slowly but surely being formed.



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